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iPhone has a lock function…. great!  And it is very secure… but I guarantee that your partner and children know it.   There is no issues there, however content is sometimes just inappropriate to share or humour which might be just a little off key (we all have that friend).

I will tell you how to lock Whatsapp or in fact, any app on your iOS device.

First let me express my disappointment, why does Apple not have different tiers of access?  Why can’t I give my kids access to my phone and to a prespecified set of apps?  Face ID could distinguish individuals, as could using a certain passcode.  It would be fairly simple… one passcode to create a sub-layer of access to YouTube Kids or certain games.  This will be discussed further in a subsequent article.

Back to the solution for now….

iOS 12 launched an amazing feature called Screen Time.  However, one of its best features hasn’t be flagged or fully explained.  It is a hack to some extent and not perfect, however it does allow you to set a different passcode and will not work for the first minute of use.

Let’s go to screentime in the setting of your iOS device.

Go into Screen Time, set a passcode.   This needs to be different from you primary passcode.   This will be used to unlock the app.

Note: Whatsapp have recently launched a feature which allows you to lock the app   However it still won’t be simple or as secure as this, as the unlock still remains the same as the phone.