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So let me begin, industry consolidation is rampant.  We have seen Ring being purchased by Amazon and August being acquired by Yale.  Of course Yale was only really interested in August’s snartlock and their interconnectivity.  You can see how this industry in panning out, consolidation of one service after another (lights will be next, look out for my next article).  Sadly all will result in less choices for us. 

Interestingly Amazon is also working closely with smart locks, natural implication is that Yale will either sell off their doorbell (August) or discontinue its operation, anything else may impact Yales future working relationship with Amazon and other video doorbell manufacturers.

Bad news for me, I love and own the August Doorbell Cam.  I have an import from the USA.  Sadly it may not be able to compete with the powerhouse of Amazon and Ring.  August Doorbell Pro Cam add the much needed light but unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to trial.   The doorbell integration was a challenge due to the UK voltage requirements (happy to explain and detail if requested).


August Doorbell Pro Cam

Moving onto Ring, it is doing amazing well. It’s range is expanding incredibly fast and Amazon is ensuring it’s pricing remains competitive or more appropriately loss making.   A great strategy for penetrating the market.   Currently, Amazon has a deal on both the Ring Doorbell 2 (link – ) and Ring Doorbell Pro (link –, both discounted and being supplied with the chime.


Ring Doorbell Pro

Now here is a bone for contention, why is there not an appropriate POE (power-over-ethernet) Doorbell and one which provides use of both the data and power functionality.  Surely this is why POE was created, I have to admit Ring did actually listen and produced the following   However it’s not at the right price point and definitely too intrusive (it requires a cavity and has to be flush mounted).  


 Ring Elite

 I have told my friends/colleagues that installation of cabling for a doorbell, whether it’s the traditional two core variety or/and a CAT5/6/7 cable is a must, however and sadly, many people have not done so and are left with only the battery option (another thing to charge!).

Google and August do not offer battery only solutions, thus their choices are limited and therefore so are yours.   If you are interested the Google Hello Doorbell, get in touch and I will be happy to supply and advise regarding it.

Nest Hello

Nest Hello is also great, but comes with the same requirement regarding wiring and the painful subscription for nest aware.   I believe the service offering of nest aware is amazing, but charging per device is too much.  Cause if you are buying the Nest doorbell, you are probably considering the IQ cameras too.  Google… how about showing some compassion to your loyal followers and capping the monthly charge?   


Battery Power

One solution for the battery powered Ring doorbells is the power adapter.   This power adapter provides power to the doorbells where you do not have the traditional wiring in place.  Link  This is just one and I’m sure others are available 

My August Doorbell is powered via a twisted pair of cables from within a CAT5 cable and connected to a transformer to achieve the required voltage.   Please speak to your local electrician if you would like to undertake such a task.


And Alexa…

One of the greatest implementations of Amazon and Alexa is its ability to display this camera’s on your TV or Amazon show  This works for both Google Hello and the Ring Doorbells (and suppose to work for August).   In a separate blog, we will also discuss Arlo for CCTV